Steel Depot has the components to improve your structure inside and out

2022-06-15 12:33:39 By : Mr. Benjamin Ma

A carport can help protect your vehicle from all types of extreme weather - rain, snow, hail and even the sun. Don't let the elements get the best of your car, boat or motorcycle. Consider building a carport to preserve the value and future of all your investments. Steel Depot has the right structural steel and metal building components to help you with your carport-building project.If you're not sure where to start, let Steel Depot assist you! They'll stick to their motto, "We'll help you build it better," by offering a material list to best fit your carport needs. These lists provide an inventory of the building components required for either a 20' x 20' or 24' x 24' carport. At Steel Depot, you'll also find the right colors to help you complete your carport. Steel Depot stocks all utility colors - White, Saddle Tan and Galvalume R Panels - and can special order other colors. They provide prompt delivery for items not in stock. For your framing needs, Steel Depot has an assortment of the materials necessary to support your building, including the most popular forms, cee purlin and rectangular tubing. For posts, Steel Depot also stocks square tube and pipe. Steel Depot carports are not engineered structures, so welding is required.To add the finishing touches to your carport, Steel Depot offers different types of trim in various colors. They also have matching screws for your sheets, closures and tape seal. Steel Depot has the building materials to serve both exterior and interior improvement purposes. A carport will protect your valuables with weather-defending components like panels and tubing, however, you may be in search of the proper components to enhance your home or business on the inside. Perhaps you would like to design your building with energy efficiency in mind. To lower your utility bills - take the initiative to improve the "envelope" of your home or building by keeping hot/cold air from getting in and creating a non-toxic barrier.  Conventional methods allow hot/cold air to eventually seep through, as well as create a toxic environment due to smoke and fumes caused by fire. To provide a good "envelope" design, properly insulate your attic, house and basement for energy efficiency and safety. An additional 30-40 percent can be added to your pocket per month, as well as safeguarding against threat of fire, bothersome noise, outside security threats, hail damage and bug infestation. To best serve these purposes, Steel Depot would like to bring your attention to their newest stocked item - TruProtect panels and ceiling tiles. TruProtect is a patented product which is easily installed and non-toxic. It is also a 95 percent recyclable green product which qualifies for L.E.E.D. points. During the ASTM testing of TruProtect, it was discovered that the half-inch sheets have a 98 percent (=/- 2 percent) radiant barrier or a 100 percent thermal barrier. Recently, TruProtect was tested in a walk-in cooler to see if it would help conserve energy. Walk-in coolers are the biggest energy consumers in a food service or food storage setting. Many of these coolers are in restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, colleges, quick stop stores, beverage stores and such. These stores confirm that the coolers are the majority of their energy cost at the end of each month. One entity said that the coolers are even more capital-draining than their labor and other electrical costs. A cooler was built specifically to test the effects of TruProtect in this setting. After many hours of testing in a controlled situation, the numbers showed that the cooler retrofitted with TruProtect showed a 90 percent energy consumption reduction while maintaining the set temperature even more consistently. Crews are now being assembled to answer the demand of retrofitting the coolers that need to save energy.Whatever your building project may be, trust none other than the professionals at Steel Depot! They are ready to answer all of your structural steel and metal building component questions, or to talk to you about carports or TruProtect panels and ceiling tiles. The sales staff invites you to visit their full-service facility at 4125 E. Slaton Highway or give them a call at (806) 744-7092.