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2022-06-30 02:02:42 By : Mr. Ray Chow

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Federal and state land managers in western Nevada announced Wednesday that fire restrictions go into effect Friday and remain in effect until further notice.

Drying vegetation, increased heat and human-caused fires prompted the restrictions.

“With increasingly dry vegetation and severe drought conditions, and Fourth of July celebrations approaching, the danger for human-caused wildfires increases even more,” the agencies said in a joint statement. “All agencies are asking the public to be extremely careful when recreating on state and federal lands and call 911 to report any fires.”

All agencies recommend when using vehicles or equipment in wildland areas to have at least an ax, shovel and one gallon of water and to carry cell phones to report wildfires.

Tips for people shooting on public land:

These areas are affected by the restrictions:

More information: BLM-Carson City District Office at 775-885-6000; the BIA at 775-887-3500; Bureau of Reclamation California - Great Basin at 916-978-5101; USFWS at 775-423-5128; and NDF at 775-684-2709 or

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